Everywhere.  Raked gravel.  Fallout shelter?!? Being honest with the obvious tends to work in most situations. @chriswrightls  Finchie zebra #birdlifeoz  A quick scribble is better than no scribble i guess....  Coordinating layers and alignments of materials and forms. Patience and focus, Thank you @chriswrightls & @geeshaye & @fluximpressions
 Doors are so 1973   Rake gravel, effort nil. #kyotolarch  When the local flora is this   Home.  Where all the good site grading solutions are born..... or minecraft biomes, sama sama.
   Missing something.... confident the problem will be resolved promptly. Pool and Landscape by @chriswrightls mosaic by @ceramictilesupplies  My studio space for today. The beginnings of my part in creating a new home in this place.  Playing with lego again @chriswrightls  A couple of steel vessels sliding toward the ocean, or podiums waiting for a sculpture! Seriously Styln residence by , landscape construct @chriswrightls steel @fluximpressions