sliding doors, @wright_landscapes_solutions true craftsman.  @spreading_roomers elegantly said i concur, and just well done! thanks @urban_journey for sharing.  Studio garden nest for Summer'19- the prize this fella has been defending, fair enough!  the game is afoot... again... this guy still thinks its hilarious to sneak into my studio at lunch time, at this time of year, for about 4 years now. less stressful than the couple of dugites thay played the same tune last week though.  Beautiful craft requires true craftspeople @chriswright6902 @fluximpressions
 my sons mutt, my mentor and dearest old friend, an established project from years past and a simple friday afternoon pond care gesture that takes anxiety out of a mates weekend. my footy team lost though.  Studio garden summer '18-'19 This guy turned up this year, on her own unfortunately. Western Rosellas sound like theyre chuckling to themselves most of the time, welcome relief from erratic rantings of galahs and corellas ✌ #birdlifeaustralia #birdlifewa #birdlifeoz #birds_bees_flowers_n_trees #gardenbirds  Studio garden funky nest is getting funkier with old mate Sacred Kingfisher getting chased into the studio by cranky nesting new holland honeyeaters. talk it out guys, i really dont need to play rescue dude today. #birdlifeaustralia #birdlifewa #birdlifeoz #birds_bees_flowers_n_trees #gardenbirds  Studio garden funky nests for summer 2018 #01- Little grey Honeyeater in Agave spent fronds. Honestly dodgy. #birdlifeaustralia #birdgarden #wildlifegarden
 No, i didnt shuffle this fella off the the after world! old mate may have been relocated onto a lilly pad above circling silver perch though..... fish have gotta eat right!?! #naturegarden #spider_house_gallery #arachnophobia #foodchain  studio garden nest #4 for summer '18-'19, in the canopy above my doors New Holland Honeyeaters seem to be enjoying the unusually humid summer day more than me. #birdlifeaustralia #birdlifewa #birdlifeoz #birds_bees_flowers_n_trees #gardenbirds  rainbow bee eaters about to head north, bird noises & midnight oil  Thanks for the kind creds & @ceramictilesupplies Elegant and modern in the swimming pool, functional and clean in the poolside. Flora Terrace House, Australia Custom mix Vitreo 150, Shining 760 and Brillante 270 Designer: Blake Willis Landscape Architects | Ceramic Tile Supplies  Coincidence..... i think not, not here. Ever. #kyotoarchitecture