Missing something.... confident the problem will be resolved promptly. Pool and Landscape by @chriswrightls mosaic by @ceramictilesupplies  My studio space for today. The beginnings of my part in creating a new home in this place.  Playing with lego again @chriswrightls  A couple of steel vessels sliding toward the ocean, or podiums waiting for a sculpture! Seriously Styln residence by , landscape construct @chriswrightls steel @fluximpressions    Looking through some snaps of our shark bay cruise last week and remembered seeing these lines that danced their way to a common junction on the horizon, all coming together without a designer in control..... who'd thunked it possible?!?
 Fallout shelter?!? Being honest with the obvious tends to work in most situations. @chriswrightls  Finchie zebra #birdlifeoz  A quick scribble is better than no scribble i guess....  Coordinating layers and alignments of materials and forms. Patience and focus, Thank you @chriswrightls & @geeshaye & @fluximpressions
 When the local flora is this   Home.  Where all the good site grading solutions are born..... or minecraft biomes, sama sama.  Big thanks to @chriswrightls aligning all the elements in time and space with @geeshaye @matakastone @seabreeze_outdoor @fluximpressions , and our borrowed landscape for bringing all the prices together for this place.  I must admit I didn't see this on the weekend, but glad to see nice pics of this scheme I designed and detailed a year or so ago, with tireless efforts by @chriswrightls & @fluximpressions helping Altima Construction to make the exteriors come together so well.